Commenting Policy

This blog is a little bit of an experiment for me. I’m sharing it with conservative Christians and liberal Christians, gay Christians and straight Christians. Side A (gay relationship affirming) Christians, Side B (gay celibate or gay celibate-affirming) Christians, those somewhere between the two, and even ex-gay folks (if they wish to contribute to the conversation). I even shared it with friends who don’t adhere to Christianity.

You represent a diversity of opinions and beliefs. Sexual orientation and identity are polarizing topics. Add religion and you can have a battlefield, which my blog title suggests. People can have strong opinions about faith and homosexuality. That’s cool. What isn’t cool is when you forget that you’re talking to people with real lives and are stamped with the Image of God. I will not allow anyone to be unkind and insensitive to my other readers. I will do whatever is necessary to deal with the situation. So please be nice and I will be giddy with happiness that you want to comment on my posts. Thank you!